Undertaken With Love book coverWelcome to the source of Undertaken With Love: A Home Funeral Guide for Congregations and Communities, birthed by a completely volunteer cadre of home funeral advocates across America.

Undertaken With Love will teach your congregational bereavement care committee or other social group:

  • how to start a home funeral committee;
  • how to research and identify your legal rights, options and responsibilities;
  • how to handle, bathe and transport the body; and
  • how to sustain an effective home funeral committee.

Our passion is advocating for families that want to care for their own dead until burial or cremation, a right that is protected in 44 states.

Our study guide is designed to be used independently by any group exploring home funerals, even if they have no prior awareness of this nearly lost cultural practice.

Our aim is to be an affordable, comprehensive and continually updated resource on the topic.